Exhibition Poster Series
April 2020

Poster on the Wall

A poster designed for Ettore Sottsass’s exhibition—Color Form. The design primarily emphasizes Ettore’s large achievement in his use of color. Several pieces of his work are revealed under the frame of the typographic form in order to suggest an ellusive impression of color but keep a sense of mystery.

Ettore Sottsass was one of the best architects and designers in the 20th century. His career produced a provocative body of work, including architecture, furniture, industrial design, glass, ceramics, painting, photography and a wealth of writings. As one of the most significant center forces to modern art and designs, his work not only made monumental artistic contributions but also proposed brand-new perspectives of viewing the world.

Inspired by American Abstract Expressionist painting and pop art, Sottsass situated himself within a broader use of color to present a sense of power, abstraction, and passion. He was also obsessed with ancient Eastern cultures. For instance, his deep examination of the connections between form and meaning drives him to incorporate thoughts of culture, society, and technology into architectures and designs. It is not hard to realized Sottsass’s complex thinking patterns, and the concept of communicating abstract ideas through functional objects has emboldened legions of designers today.

Final Poster